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Pepe is an esoteric language based on an outdated meme.
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Pepe is a programming language based on a meme. It uses only 4 characters: r, e, R, E, other are ignored. It's preferred to separate commands with a space.

Pepe is stack-based and has 2 stacks: r and R. Every command starts with the stack name, defining on which stack will it work.

Ex: REEE operates on stack R while rEEE operates on stack r.

Every R/r is followed by a specific amount of E/e, which tells, what command is executed.

You can find more on Pepe's wiki


Hello, World!

reeEeeEeee reeEEeeEeE rEeEEeEEee reEe reEe reeEEeEEEE reeeEeEEee reeeEeeeee reeEeEeEEE reeEEeEEEE reeEEEeeEe reEe reeEEeeEee reeeEeeeeE

This might not be the cleanest and the shortest solution, but works. Uses the character constants and outputs Hello, World!.

l here is stored as a variable and is repeated. Every reEe here prints one l.


REEe Reee 

Take input and print it.

List of commands

List of all commands is available here

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