@metonator metonator released this Dec 12, 2018 · 2 commits to interface_v3 since this release

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"There's no end, until we say so" ~SBRW Staff

  • NFSW CDN completly deleted by Electronic Arts (you can spam them for that... or even do a petition to restore it...), hopefully we have mirror. Mirror is now default installation source.
  • Temporarely disabled powerups anticheat.

Serious notice for EVERYONE that can host those files:

Please download https://launcher.soapboxrace.world/ea_nfsw_section all of those files and just DM me on discord, so i will be able to add new mirrors to launcher directly. Currenly is all hosted on a machine where there's stats, bots, and serverlist (so you can already immagine that it will not have enough power to serve all files as it should be).