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@Zacam Zacam released this Apr 17, 2021


  • Fix Restart Timer function
  • Fix System.Management.Automation crash
  • Make sure if UserSettings.xml doesn't exist, create folder(s) and extract a clean defaults one
    (This should prevent XML corruption caused by saving any settings before launching nfsw.exe for the "1st" time)
    (This combines with previous fix that corrects the XML file save order when changing Language) -

  • Login "lag" fixed
  • Launcher should now "focus" (not open behind other programs)
  • Updating Game Language now updates default Chat Group as well
  • Improved Firewall handling
  • ModNet now fetches via https
  • AllocationAssistant function failure now has an exitCode
  • Simplified Permissions checks
  • Proxy, URI, WebRequest and WebClient Updates
  • Cosmetic UI fixes
  • Location Messaging updates
  • Internal Class and Function updates

Windows 8 Users:
For those unable to upgrade to 8.1 or 10, .NET Framework 4.6.1 will be allowed as 'minimum' version
All other OSes will still require 4.6.2. (Blame Microsoft)

There is a "special" filepaths bug that could still exist for some users with certain language characters in the GameFiles Path.
We've prevented the Launcher from crashing with a .NET System.ArguementException this would cause.
However, nfsw.exe and many ASI's still wont care for it at all, and a "ModLoader.asi error 2" may occur as a result.

Note: only needed for Lutris/Linux Users; Windows does not need it

EXE SHA1: 4dddae89321e7a213cea92ec26ca6540d2e706b1
Zip SHA1: 4f2de91ce471160ddc50e314ce36b23460f26150

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