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@Zacam Zacam released this
· 2 commits to main_v3 since this release



  • "Opt In" feature for getting Insider Builds via Updater
  • "Capture Support" function for aiding in video streaming/recording
  • "Enable Theme Support" (Documentation Pending)
  • Main Screen "+" to Select Server is now a Custom Server Manager
    Users can now Add and Remove "Custom" (only) Server entries via this Manager


  • TLS Updates for trying to work out pesky "TrustFailure" and other issues with SSL/TLS connectivity
    Instead of the Launcher trying to force TLS for every connection, rely on the OS negotiation
    For Windows 7 Users, this means that there was a previously optional Registry Key ... It is no longer optional and MUST be added
    The Launcher will inform if it has not been found and will attempt to create it for you

  • Before downloading Game Files, in addition to checking enough free space, it now verifies the drive is NTFS
    Instead of waiting until you hit "Play Now" only to be told it is required then (this check is still there though)

  • VerifyHash no longer mistakenly logs an "Abort" message causing confusion when it has found all files are fine

  • Registration where a Ticket was required wasn't sending Ticket value


  • Improved visibility for inactive Security Center options
  • "Hover" tool tips to Settings Screen options and UserSettings Editor Presets
  • Base DPI for more correct Font rendering for legibility
  • UI Cosmetic and alignment

There is a "special" filepaths bug that could still exist for some users with certain language characters in the Launcher/GameFiles Path.
We've prevented the Launcher from crashing with a .NET System.ArguementException this would cause.
However, nfsw.exe and many ASI's still wont care for it at all, and a "ModLoader.asi error 2" may occur as a result.

Windows 8 Users:
For those unable to upgrade to 8.1 or 10, .NET Framework 4.6.1 will be allowed as 'minimum' version
All other OSes will still require .NET Framework 4.6.2 (minimum) or newer. (Blame Microsoft) only needed for Lutris/Linux Users; Windows does not need it

EXE: E27E2426180F1AF0F1326385EE4A0A1CFBA7628C
_LC: 77765936AA1D6381535B44BABD81B58C678E8E51