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@Zacam Zacam released this 28 Mar 10:24


  • Fixed Version Comparrison Checks
  • Updated Minimum version for Updater version checks

  • ModNet files check will no longer thread lock the Launcher
  • Fix another oversight in the Ini.Parser
  • Fix LZMA Progress updating
  • Prevent switching servers on the Register Screen
  • Updated Libs and Dev Version checking

SBRW.Launcher SHA-1 (Windows / Unix):
EXE: 9037F0FF12070E358811A7812790B70D32A718AF
EXE: 1DCC3D0C533B951AFA1BEF80397078690FB89077

Archive SHA-1:
Release: 77B3BB2002A73902284A5516824758F1651BC0B0
Unix.Release: 86DD0041F5B1323AF33EA077128CB0547E90DAA3

There is a "special" filepaths bug that could still exist for some users with certain language characters in the Launcher/GameFiles Path(s).
We've prevented the Launcher from crashing with a .NET System.ArguementException this would cause.
However, nfsw.exe and many ASI's still wont care for it at all, and a "ModLoader.asi error 2" may occur as a result.
It is recommended to use only Latin character set letters in folder paths/names to avoid this.