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@Zacam Zacam released this 04 Dec 16:01
· 30 commits to Net.Standard since this release


  • Hotfix to correct a Registration issue under HTTPS/ModernAuth where the input email was being sent as password instead of the input password
    -- This Hotfix is necessary for new users looking to register on Spark Server using SBRW Launcher

Thanks to yanchan on Server Admin Group Discord for pointing this out

A separate build for Unix/Linux systems in full is now provided within the project.
This should address running into "runtime" detection problems by having "fixed" path compile time instead.
Lutris Scripts can be directed to look for the Unix.Release package for updating.
A huge amount of thanks to Unaccounʇed4 for the significant testing and feedback for this development.

There is a "special" filepaths bug that could still exist for some users with certain language characters in the Launcher/GameFiles Path(s).
We've prevented the Launcher from crashing with a .NET System.ArguementException this would cause.
However, nfsw.exe and many ASI's still wont care for it at all, and a "ModLoader.asi error 2" may occur as a result.

SHA-1 (Win;Unix):
EXE: 6CC2AE687785F3785E25A3C3CBC83D0D329ADDA0;EF615F3746B6C4E922C87A040E6ECE0E831542B7

Archive SHA-1:
Release: A32DC10C580B5DA86873F1EF2E4B40B9B0300BD5
Unix.Release: 4B3C3DC17D826BC3D0DBF72B5302BEDA45EF77F2