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Soar Skymap token - ethereum smart contract

Preminted pauseable ERC20 token.

The token smart contract was implemented using OpenZeppelin library.

  • Symbol: SKYM
  • Name: Skymap
  • Decimals: 18
  • Supply: 350,000,000 SKYM

Implementation with imported contract is in SkymapToken.sol and there is also flattend version SkymapToken.flat.sol.

Technical stack

Smart contract/Solidity

  • Truffle


In order to run the Skymap, you will need Node.js (tested with version 8.x.x). This will include npm, needed to install dependencies.

Installation and Building

  1. Install truffle.

    npm install -g truffle
  2. Download and install ethereum client for local development - Ganache Client. This client is recomended because migration script is customised for this setup to compile smart contracts, deploye them to network and in the end to udpate smart contracts defifinition abi and config file in react-app-typescript.
  3. Install yarn.

    ## MacOS
    brew install yarn
    ## Windows
  4. Download or clone repository.

  5. Install the node dependencies.

    yarn install
  6. Launch Ganache client

  7. Compile and migrate the contracts. This command compile all smart contracts and redeploy them on the network

    truffle migrate --compile-all --reset
  8. Truffle's own suite is included for smart contracts. Be sure you've compile your contracts before running jest, or you'll receive some file not found errors.

    // Runs Truffle's test suite for smart contract tests.
    truffle test

Generating flat version of contract

  1. Install truffle-flattener.

    npm install -g truffle-flattener -g
  2. Delete old version of SkymapToken.flat.sol

  3. Run flattener

    truffle-flattener contracts/SkymapToken.sol >> contracts/SkymapToken.flat.sol