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Name: Dangerous
Version: 0.3.2
License: MIT
License-file: LICENSE
Category: Error Handling
Synopsis: Monads for operations that can exit early and produce warnings
Description: Dangerous monads result in (Either Exit a, [Warning]), where
Exit can denote either ending computation early (Stop) or
the computation failing (Exit, Failure). Monads, Monad
Transformers, and helper functions are included.
Author: Nate Soares
Build-Type: Simple
Cabal-Version: >=1.6
source-repository head
type: git
location: git://
Hs-Source-Dirs: src
Build-Depends: base >= 4 && < 5,
MaybeT >= 0.1.2,
mtl >= 1.0
Exposed-modules: Control.Dangerous, Control.Dangerous.Extensions
Ghc-Options: -Wall
Ghc-Prof-Options: -auto-all