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Green Primer
Software for the Green Architect

Read INSTALL (copied as reports/manual) for installation instructions.
Read reports/report.pdf for a project overview and report.

Green Primer is best viewed on a linux system using Google Chrome.

The code base is in greenprimer/. The project follows a standard django
project layout. All python code adheres to django coding conventions. In order
to become comfortable with these conventions, see the documentation at It is extensive and will help you understand the use of
the admin, models, views, forms, and other terminology that is common to
django projects.

All client side code can be found in greenprimer/static, including third party

Green Primer the website keeps static files in greenprimer/static/media.
Green Primer the javascript app keeps them in greenprimer/static/analizer.

The javascript code makes heavy use of jQuery for DOM manipulation and for
various utilities. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the documentation
at in order to help you understand the jQuery code.

The python documentation can be found in the docs/ directory. You can browse
to it with a web browser for interactive documentation.

The javascript code is poorly documented, but each file performs a function
described by the file's name.