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Tell Stories

Storyteller is a tool for writing stories. It provides a few things:

  • A language (similar to markdown) suited for telling stories.
  • A compiler to turn those files into PDFs, EPUBs, or other file types.
  • A system to read your annotations and help you build a wiki.

The story language itself is similar to markdown (see the examples/ directory) but also allows a few types of annotations:

  • Scene annotations. Scenes can me marked with:
    • Hashtags naming them
    • Categories describing them
    • Characters who are present
    • A place and a time
    • Notes
  • Text assertions.

Storyteller will build a timeline from your scenes and annotations and make sure that everybody can physically be in the right place at the right time. It will also build you a timeline, a hierarchical tree of locations, and the beginnings of a wiki that knows about your characters, events, and locations.

Documentation is given by example.

The docs will read better if you download the accompanying vim syntax file, the highlighting will give you a better idea what's going on.