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Fixed bug where partial mode was entered incorrectly.

Some filetypes source other filetypes in their ftplugin. If that filetype called
write#restart then futher filetypes would not get their say. If the first one
wanted full mode and the later one wanted partial mode (e.g. text is sourced and
then markdown is sourced) then the filetype would be stuck in full mode.

write#restart() now only exists if b:writing *and* b:write_ft == &ft.
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1 parent f4da67c commit d98ba01a8823adb2e22b837a8a1d73b41566f3f3 @Soares committed Oct 12, 2012
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  1. +7 −2 autoload/write.vim
9 autoload/write.vim
@@ -49,9 +49,14 @@ endfunction
" Toggles writing mode only if writing has never been set for this buffer
" @param {string} bang Whether or not to force full writing mode.
function! write#restart(bang)
- if !exists('b:writing')
- call write#start(a:bang)
+ if exists('b:write_ft') && b:write_ft == &ft
+ return
+ if exists('b:writing') && b:writing
+ call write#stop()
+ endif
+ call write#start(a:bang)
+ let b:write_ft = &ft

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