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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
Write.vim helps you turn vim into not just a code editor, but an editor for
plain text (novels, stories, papers, articles, etc.).
-This plugin provides commands like :WriteOn, :WriteOff, and :Write. It's
+This plugin provides the commands :WriteOn, :WriteOff, and :Write. It's
recommended that you add your own mappings to trigger these commands, such as:
noremap <leader>w :WriteOn
@@ -14,5 +14,8 @@ or
noremap <leader>w :Write
-to toggle writer mode. Statusline hooks are also provided. See doc/write.vim for
+to toggle writer mode. Statusline hooks are also provided. See doc/write.txt for
+You can use the 'g:write\_auto' setting to mark a list of filetypes that go into
+write mode automatically.
@@ -20,6 +20,11 @@ Vim writing mode, for writing non-code text (books, novels, etc.).
CONFIGURATION *write-commands*
+ *g:loaded_write*
+Use this to disable the plugin entirely: >
+ let g:loaded_write = 1
A list of filetypes that should automatically go into write mode. If the
filetype string ends with a '!', that filetype will automatically go into full
@@ -35,31 +40,32 @@ write mode, and text files will be forced into full write mode regardless of
COMMANDS *write-commands*
-Turn writing mode on. There are two writing mode styles: full and partial.
+Turn writing mode on. Effects include:
-Partial writing mode turns on spell checking and a number of enhancements that
-make writing mode more comfortable (line wrapping, intuitive cursor movement
-over long lines, some display tweaks for long paragraphs, etc.).
+* Spell checking
+* Line wrapping
+* Intuitive cursor movement over long lines
+* Display tweaks for long paragraphs
-Full writing mode sets all of the same enhancements as partial mode and also
-turns off line numbers and hard text wrapping.
+In addition, if |textwidth| is off then line numbers are turned off and soft
+wrapping is turned on. If you want hard line wrapping set 'textwidth' to
+a non-zero value before calling WriteOn.
-Write.vim tries to autodetect your writing style by checking the |textwidth|
-setting. If you |textwidth| is nonzero then Write.vim assumes that you want to
-hard wrap your lines and goes into partial writing mode. To force full writing
-mode, use >
+If you want to force soft wrapping despite the value of 'textwidth', use: >
If you want |textwidth| automatically managed by filetype, check out the
|longlines| plugin at <>.
-Turn writing mode off. Resets all values changed by :WriteOn.
+Turn writing mode off. Sets all values changed by :WriteOn back to their
+global settings values.
-NOTE: Writing mode makes all setting changes locally. When turning writing
-mode off, settings will be reset to their global values. If you have local
-settings that interfere with writer (i.e. you have ':set nospell' and
-':setlocal spell') then write mode will clobber those local settings.
+NOTE: Write.vim does not record any of your settings. It makes all changes
+local to the current buffer, and when turning off it sets all locally changed
+settings back to the global value. If you had local settings in the buffer
+that differed from the global value, writer.vim will clobber those settings.
Toggles writing mode. The bang, if given, will be passed to |:WriteOn|

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