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This is my take on the refactoring of XNova script, an open source clone of OGame. Probably totally pointless as the original is not just dated, its codebase was terrible even back in the days.


I still wanted to approach this challenge to check how far can XNova be modernized and how to handle it without getting myself mentall illness. Feel free to browse the code, commits history and outcoming result. It is now the Laravel project which can be run using simple php artisan serve and heading to index. Installer will take care of rest, all you need is PHP (with Composer) and MySQL.

Warning: This is not production ready project (neither is XNova, though).

For the final note, this repository does not show the perfect way to refactor old code. Doing that properly should start with covering everything with tests so that nothing gets actidentially broken (or fixed) along the way.


The most cryptic and interesting part of the implementation might be a proxy between old XNova's code and Laravel application that allows to refactor the system step by step. To check how it's done I suggest to start the journey from index.php file.

Known issues

Laravel in-game controllers can't handle some fleet missions yet

The in-game controllers ported to Laravel (so basically any URL in routes/game.php or routes/admin.php) are not yet capable of handling following kinds of fleet missions:

  • rocket attacks
  • attack mission
  • spy mission
  • colonisation missio
  • recycle mission
  • expedition mission

It means that starting from Blackout 0.6.0 visiting any URLs mentioned above will not trigger mission effects even if it should just happen (because fleet arrived etc). Instead, the effect will take place on next user visit to any of the "old" XNova files.