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Serializing Auth #1

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You are doing this: $_SESSION['auth'] = serialize($auth);
But actually objects already get serialized when using the SESSION array, so it's safe to just udr $_SESSION['auth']=$auth


Hi Dracony. I'm guessing you're referring to the AuthController. Serializing avoids "__PHP_Incomplete_Class_Name" problem when storing objects in sessions. See

Thanks for the feedback.


Well in the case of AuthController.php the Class definition is already loaded so this problem wouldn't arise really.
though even that you might want to encapsulate the serializing/unserializing into the Auth class itself.
1) have it save itself into the session at the end of successfull authenticate() call.
2) make it into a singleton, and make an Auth::instance() like this:

public static function instance(){
          static::$_instance=new Auth();
    return static::$_instance;

This way you will have a single Auth instance everywhere.
Personally though I don't like storing classes into session, I usually just store some parameters (e.g. user_id etc)


I would suggest you fork this, commit your suggestions and put up a pull request.


Sadly Im away from the PC for some time, I'm just using github as a forum this week)

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