My own implementation for various Project Euler problems
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Project Euler Problems

Contains my own implementations to Project Euler problems.

My personal requirements for the solutions are:

  • all code must be written in Java
  • no external library should be used as help, instead use only the functionality provided in Java Standard Edition
  • execution time of a problem must be at most 4000ms on a modern computer. Higher values means the problem was not solved correctly and it will not be merged in master branch until it is.
  • refactoring and code re-organization can be done even after the merge, as long as it does not negatively impact performance.

How to run

  • Compile
  • Main class is sobolan.projecteuler.main.ProjectEuler
  • Simply run the main class with one command-line argument: the problem ID

E.g. java sobolan.projecteuler.main.ProjectEuler 5