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SGL Template-Generator

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A tool based on Electron to generate JavaScript / TypeScript template classes for the social graphics library from SVG files.


With each release we make a build of the tool available for download as a ZIP. After downloading and unpacking the tool, all you have to do to start it is run the sgl-template-generator.exe. Alternatively, you can of course build the tool yourself.

A Node + NPM installation is necessary for this.

After cloning or downloading the project, all you have to do is run npm run deploy in the project folder.

The build script first installs all dependencies with npm install and then builds the executable in the following folder:



Step 1 - Select SVG file

Step 1

Step 2 - Set position variables

Step 2

Step 3 - Check the preview

Step 3

Step 4 - If everything is correct, close preview

Step 4

Step 5 - Set the template name, width and height, select the export mode and save

Step 5

Check template

Step 1 - Select JS template file

Check Step 1

Step 2 - Click on check button

Check Step 2