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Getting Started

The Social Economy Data Lab Specification defines the definitions, data models and guidance required to make data on social investment interoperable.

The Specification is being designed to help people and organisations who want to:

  • Encourage increased transparency and sharing of data on social investment
  • Support mass collaboration around data
  • Make two different systems talk to one another
  • Collect and analyse data from many different places

.. admonition:: Specification

  The Specification comprises:

  * **This Documentation**, which describes the elements of the Specification, and gives guidance on how data can be published in the correct format.
  * **The** `Schema`__, which is a technical description of the fields that are included in the Specification, and is a developer-friendly structure for working with published data based on JSON Schema.
  * **Codelists**: lists of classifications used to categorise data.
.. __: /schema_reference
.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 2