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Archifiltre allows you to visualize and improve your file trees. Learn more about it here.


🚀 Launch the app

First install the dependencies


Then copy the example env file

cp .env.example .env

(Optionnal) Install the React Developper Tools in your chrome browser. Then, find the extension install path and add it to the .env file. More info here. You must provide the absolute path.

You should use autoreloading when developping, using

yarn dev

and in another terminal, to launch the electron app:

yarn dev-app

and then, reload your electron app with the refresh command (CMD + R on OS X)

You can make the app automatically load a specific folder by doing:

AUTOLOAD="/absolute/or/relative/path/to/folder" yarn dev

You can automatically reload the previous session using :

AUTORELOAD=true yarn dev

🔨 Building/releasing the app

First, prepare the build in production mode

yarn prepare-prod

✍️ Preparation (code signing)

🪟 Windows

To sign the app manually and locally, you can use the command yarn env-linux or yarn env-windows depending on your platform. Otherwise, running a GitHub pipeline through a pull request will automatically sign Archifiltre for Windows.

🍎 Mac

To build the app locally without signing, you can run yarn mac-local. Otherwise, running a GitHub pipeline through a pull request will automatically sign Archifiltre for Mac.

Note: the file electron/build/entitlments.mac.plist contains the following flag: To notarize the app, this flag needs to be set to true to activate the "Hardened Runtime", a security mecanism by Apple.

🐧 Linux

There is no code signing on Linux, but every release has a SHA512 file corresponding to each binary. This can be used on a Linux system.

🏗️ Build the app


Then you can package the app for the right platform:

yarn win32
yarn win64
yarn mac
yarn linux
yarn win32-msi
yarn win64-msi

Once built, production binaries are found in the dist folder, each in their corresponding platform's subfolder.

🪄 Automatically

To release all the binaries and sign them:

  • Go here
  • Click the Run workflow menu
  • Select the master branch
  • Click Run workflow

This will trigger a pipeline and make all binaries and hashes available here


To contribute, see more here

To know more about the project architecture, go here

📝 Import script

Archifiltre provides you with an export script that you can run directly on your file server. To know more about it, go here