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HTML-CSS and Command Line


In this module you will learn HTML and CSS. HTML is the language in which you define the structure of the content of your pages (e.g. headings, paragraphs, links and images). CSS is used to write down how everything should look (e.g. font sizes, colors and positions). While learning the basics of these two languages, you will also get familiar with text editors and the developer tools of your browser.

We will focus on responsive web development : you will learn how to make your website adapt to the size of the screen, using the mobile first approach. As well as the accessibility part of it, by adopting ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) as part of our discipline. ARIA defines ways to make Web content and Web applications (especially those developed with Ajax and JavaScript) more accessible to people with disabilities. Last but not least we will spend time practicing some soft skills that are important for becoming a good developer. These include: giving feedback to your colleagues, presenting and explaining your work, and finding documentation on the web.

Command line

The command line (cli, shell) is the interface between you (the user) and the operating system which interprets your commands and allows the computer to respond to your command. In this module you will be introduced to the command line which you will mainly use it to navigate to your file system and for creating files. Throughout the entire program you will have to use these skills and build on top of it.

So since this is your first module, what can you expect the next three weeks?

Planning for Current Class

Week Topic Read Homework
0. Prepare for first session Pre-reading -
1. DOM, HTML/CSS syntax Week 1 Reading Homework week 1
2. CLI, Responsive design, media queries, developer tools Week 2 Reading Homework week 2
3. CLI, Recap, useful resources on the web JavaScript Intro Homework week 3

Please get yourself familiar with this repository by navigating your way through the different README files. Kind note: make sure to read assignment requirements properly for handing them in. In the end this saves both you and your teacher a lot of time. If you have any questions or something is not entirely clear ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, please ask/comment on Slack!

Learning goals for HTML-CSS:

• Basic understanding of HTML and CSS
• Know how to organize your files
• Know your way around your text editor
• Feel comfortable working with the inspector
• Properly indent your code
• Properly naming classes, id's
• Responsive, mobile first development
• Know good and bad practices when it comes to HTML
• Get an understanding of where to find information on the web
• Give receive/feedback from/on fellow students
• Presenting and explaining your work to others

Learning goals for CLI

• To know the terminal/bash/command line for UNIX based systems.
• Navigate the file system without using a UI explorer.
• Copy, rename and move files with terminal commands.
• Learn output redirection, piping on the terminal.
• Write basic shell scripts to ease the programming life.