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Please help us improve and share your feedback! If you find better tutorials or links, please share them by opening a pull request.

Social Hackers Academy - JavaScript 1

Here you can find course content and homework for the JavaScript 1 module

Week Topic Read Homework
1. Git Session Reading Week 1 Homework Week 1
2. • Intro JavaScript (What is it, where can you use it for)
Variables (var, let, const)
Basic Data types (Strings, Numbers, Arrays, Booleans)
Naming conventions
Reading Week 2 Homework Week 2
3. Advanced data types (objects)
Conditional execution
Statements vs Expressions
Loops (for/while)
Reading Week 3 Homework Week 3


A good understanding of all the above mentioned topics. Want to check your Knowledge? Go through the JavaScript Fundamentals README and research/ ask for help (Slack!) with the concepts that are not entirely clear.

The HackYourFuture curriculum is subject to CC BY copyright. This means you can freely use our materials, but just make sure to give us credit for it :)