Here you can find specifications and deadlines for the project module
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Project module

This will be your last module in our program, so make sure that it is a good one!

In this module you will work together in teams (of 2 or 3) for six weeks. You will work on a predefined full-stack project, you can choose out of two projects, with predefined functional requirements made and kept save by your Product Owner. During weekly Sprints you will be guided by a Scrum Master that helps you through the process of working in a team with technical requirements and corresponding User Stories, with a Backlog and developing a MVP in six weeks. Phew that is quite a lot. Luckily there of course is also plenty of technical support (half a day on Sunday) and during the week online. Please note that the goal of this project is not per se to build the new Facebook in six weeks but rather to gain experience on working in a team with Scrum while building a full-stack project using all the skills you acquired during our program.


For the current project you can find the API here and the front-end here.

Read before the first Sunday session: Intro into Scrum

Module goals:

  • Working on a full-stack skeleton (provided by us), using different technologies you’ve been exposed to during the HackYourFuture program.
  • Fill the gaps that you have left in the previous modules. Did you miss an Node assignment? Make sure to pick up an extra issue there.
  • Show that you can work and function in a team.
  • Get familiar working with Scrum.

After this module we offer (technical)interview and cv training for those who are interested. The goal of these sessions are to:

  • Get your CV and LinkedIn ready for when you are ready to go to interviews.
  • Get an understanding of how (technical) interviews go in the Dutch job market.