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SocialSend Core v1.2.1.0

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@squidicuzz squidicuzz released this 21 Jun 15:11
· 28 commits to master since this release


This is currently an optional release for all wallets, including staking wallets and masternodes, that includes:

  • Corrections to peering network and consensus systems.
  • Implementation of a Spork to force this update as Mandatory at later date.

Release Notes

  • Add checkpoints around recent spork activation times
  • Actually ban misbehaving peers from local node..
  • Update and add additional seed nodes
    • DNS additions and corrections.
  • Increment protocol version to 70820
    • Update Spork for activation lock for protocol version 70820
    • Lock in SPORK_14 activation beyond block 1345545
  • Fixes Consensus issue with newer SSL version
    • Update ssl lib deps
    • Allow for compilation with OpenSSL 1.1
  • Housecleaning..
    • Log message cleanups
    • Repo cleanups, adjust .gitignore

Known Issues

While this version tries to maintain backwards compatibility to older protocol versions;
The masternode wallet version and local wallet version must match in order for the masternode to enable and lock.
Additionally, please assure that port 50050 is used and reachable on the remote masternode server.