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SocialSend Core v1.2.1.5

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@squidicuzz squidicuzz released this 03 Oct 00:13
· 23 commits to master since this release

SocialSend v1.2.1.5

This is a PENDING major version release, which includes new features, bug fixes and minor performance improvements.


This release has a bug that causes synchronization from genesis block to fail. Please use the prior release of v1.2.1.0 to synchronize or until a new release is ready.


SocialSend v1.2.1.5 is a pending mandatory update that includes consensus rule changes. While not mandatory at this time, the changes in this update will begin to trigger a softfork based on a 75% consensus rule to enable BIP65 protocol support. Once the network majority updates and is producing new version blocks (>95% of blocks match new version), a network fork (split) will take place and any nodes not updated at that time, will be blocked from the network.
Additionally, a security fix and consensus rule inclusion for checking of minimum age requirement on recent stakes, is to be implemented as well, via SPORK Activation. This is a manual activation and will take place at some point in the future, most likely beyond BIP65 activation and should not cause any distruption.

Release Notes

  • Increment client version to
  • Increment protocol version to 70821
    • Backwards compatible to 70820 and 70815 until consensus activation locks.
  • Stable Build for preliminary release at this time.
    • Safe to utilize for staking and merchant applications at own risk!

Implement BIP65 Support - Check Lock Time Verify (CLTV)

  • Implement SPORK_19 to trigger activation of BIP65 voting.
  • Enforce SPORK_18 when network reaches 95% consensus on SPORK_19
  • Adjust softfork threshold check to about 7.5 days
  • Add OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY with activation at 75% consensus, lock at 95%
  • Add additional info to getblockchaininfo rpc command to show softforks

Security Fixes & Improvements

  • Increment protocol version to 70821 for support of consensus changes
  • More Checkpoints at height 1366146 & 1366147
    • Minor network fork before this block due to testing..
  • Security fixes … Add min age requirement for stakes
    • Required, New spork: SPORK_18_MIN_AGE_STAKE_ENFORCEMENT
  • Add SPORK_18 for activation of stake min age requirement. This is a consensus rule!
    • This check finds INVALID blocks starting at height 13938 due prior non-use of this method,
    • AND causes a chain fork when a peer mints a block that fails this consensus rule on chain tip.
    • Triggered via SPORK and Activated when 95% of blocks are version 5.
  • Actually drop banned nodes if they are not locally whitelisted.
  • make proper checkpoints, use genesis.hashMerkleRoot
  • Refactoring to mining validity checks; Removed stale code.
    • Do TestBlockValidity on block and check masternodeSync if miner running..
    • Fixes infinite loop issues in miner thread.
  • Fix autocombinerewards process
  • Additional rpc debug output for block
  • Fix versioning and desc in auto configure on build..
  • Housekeeping..
    • Adjust makefile and
    • Remove tests of prior version of BigNum.h


  • May possibly trigger update alert in local wallet node of new protocol on detected running on network.
    • Safe to ignore for now. It might go away..
  • Known Qt glitches remain..