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Sodium - Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) library for multiple languages

This is based on Flapjax, Yampa, scala.React and a number of other Functional
Reactive Programming efforts, as well as a lot of personal experience. Enjoy.

  C++ - complete, but the memory management is not quite right yet - in separate sodium-cxx repository
  C# - complete (source in dotnet folder, binaries in SodiumFRP NuGet package)
  F# - complete (source in dotnet folder, binaries in SodiumFRP.FSharp NuGet package)
  Java - complete
  Kotlin - complete - in separate sodium-kotlin repository
  Scala - complete
  Typescript/Javascript - complete - in separate sodium-typescript repository

  Haskell - deprecated in favour of Heinrich Apfelmus's Reactive Banana
  Embedded-C - just an experiment
  Rust - complete - in separate sodium-rust repository

Got a question about how to use Sodium? Go to Sodium user forum:

Found a bug? Raise an issue at

Buy the book "Functional Reactive Programming" at

Drop by our blog at