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Sofa Template Library
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Sofa Template Library

This library should contains sofa scene template. It should contains common scene template used regularly to make the writing of scene with Sofa easy. The templates should be compatible with .pyscn and PSL scenes. The library also contains cool utilitary function we should always consider to use.

from stlib.scene import MainHeader
from stlib.solver import DefaultSolver
from stlib.physics.rigid import Cube, Sphere, Floor
from stlib.physics.deformable import ElasticMaterialObject

def createScene(rootNode):
    Sphere(rootNode, name="sphere", translation=[-5.0, 0.0, 0.0])
    Cube(rootNode, name="cube", translation=[5.0,0.0,0.0])

    ElasticMaterialObject(rootNode, name="dragon",

    Floor(rootNode, name="plane", translation=[0.0, -1.0, 0.0])

The API documentation is available at readthedocs

To build STLIB

There are two ways to compile plugins for SOFA. The most commonly used is the In-tree build, i.e. building the plugin while building SOFA from its sources on github. The second option, which is less commonly used but provides more flexibility, is the Out-of-tree build, where SOFA is pre-built and installed (from sources or by downloading its binaries) and the plugin is compiled as a standalone module, against the SOFA libraries

In-tree build

First you need to have SOFA on your machine, since to build STLIB you will need to build it through SOFA.

git clone

Then clone STLIB

git clone

In the configurations of SOFA build settings, set PLUGIN_SOFAPYTHON to ON and SOFA_EXTERNAL_DIRECTORIES to the absolute path of STLIB your_path/STLIB

Then build SOFA

Now you should be able to use import stlib in python from inside SOFA (running the .py from runSofa)

Out-of-tree build

Either Download the latest binary release or build and install from the sources, as described on sofa-framework's download page. Remember the installation directory, you will need it later on.

Then clone STLIB

git clone

create a build/ folder next to your STLIB repository's directory, and in CMake-gui, set the source folder with , and the newly created build folder with

In the configurations of STLIB build settings, add the following CMake entries: CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH = SOFA_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY PLUGIN_SOFAPYTHON = ON SOFA_BUILD_METIS = ON

Configure, Generate, then build AND install the plugin. During the install step, STLIB will be deployed in SOFA's installation directory, and you will be able to use import stlib in python from inside SOFA (running the .py from runSofa)

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