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OfficeWriter SharePoint Solutions Gallery

This Repository contains Word Export Plus and Excel Export Plus.

Word Export Plus enables exporting list item data to Word templates. When you click the new list item dropdown option, Word Export Plus uses OfficeWriter to open an existing Word template, merge in the list item data, and stream it to the client. Use it to generate letters, contracts, invoices, and more.

Excel Export Plus enables exporting list data to a full-featured Excel template. Unlike SharePoint's out-of-the-box Excel export, Excel Export Plus has none of the limitations. With it you can build reports with styling, formulas, charts, pivot tables, or any other Excel feature.

Both solutions depend on OfficeWriter therefore you will have to add references to OfficeWriter to your projects.

An Evaluation of OfficeWriter can be downloaded at:

The full documentation for both solutions can be found at:

Precompiled solutions can be found at: