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RESTHeart's customization examples
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RESTHeart Customization Examples

RESTHeart - The leading Web API for MongoDB.

  Done with love by the SoftInstigate Team

The following customization examples are included:

  • ExampleIdentityManager an Identity Manager, see documentation
  • ExampleAccessManager an Access Manager, see documentation
  • ExampleAggregateHandler a simple Application Logic Handler that executes an aggregation query, see documentation

How to run the examples

$ git clone
$ cd restheart-customization-examples
$ mvn package
$ cp <RESTHEART_DIR>/restheart.jar .
$ java -cp restheart.jar:target/restheart-customization-examples-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar org.restheart.Bootstrapper etc/restheart.yml 

Create test data

You need to install httpie

$ http -a admin:nimda PUT desc="a db for testing"
$ http -a admin:nimda PUT desc="a collection to hold gread bands data"
$ http -a admin:nimda PUT " Floyd" albums:='["The Piper at the Gates of Dawn","A Saucerful of Secrets","More" \
,"Ummagumma","Atom Heart Mother","Meddle","Obscured by Clouds","The Dark Side of the Moon","Wish You Were Here","Animals" \
,"The Wall","The Final Cut","A Momentary Lapse of Reason","The Division Bell","The Endless River"]'

$ http -a ciao:oaic
HTTP/1.1 200 OK

    "Pink Floyd": 15, 
    "_embedded": {}, 
    "_links": {
        "self": {
            "href": "/_logic/aggregate"


This IDM verifies the password to be the flipped id string, i.e. id="username" => pwd="emanresu"


This Access Manager gives read access to the /test/band collection and /_logic/aggregate to any authenticated user. It also gives write access to user "admin"


This custom Hanlder is boud to /_logic/aggregate URI. It execute a simply aggregation query that returs the count of ablums published by bands.

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