@ujibang ujibang released this Feb 14, 2015

this is a major update; new and notable improvements:

  • strict mode representation for MongoDB extended JSON (*)
  • token based authentication
  • query execution optimization via the eager dbcursor preallocation engine
  • support for GridFs (early release, feedbacks appreciated)
  • can fork server process with --fork option (not available on windows)
  • better support for data created by other clients (for instance by the mongo shell)
    • dbs and collections not created by RESTHeart are now immediately visible (no need for server restart anymore)
    • support for other doc id types (id type can be specified via the id_type query parameter)
    • collections properties moved to the reserved _properties collection (**)
    • _created_on property is not stored on documents anymore (generated from _id when it is an ObjectId)
  • allowed pagesize=0 to avoid _embedded resources at all
  • several bug fixes
  • all code repackaged to org.restheart
  • refactoring, more test cases and better code quality
  • updated all dependencies (notably, undertow 1.1.2.Final)

Note: if updating from versions <= 0.9.7:

  • resource representation and filter expression changed (*)
  • need to move the collections properties to _properties collection (**)