@ujibang ujibang released this Dec 7, 2015 · 833 commits to master since this release

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Release Notes - Restheart - Version 1.1.0

New Feature

  • [RH-41] - stored aggregation operations


  • [RH-109] - allow to get a compact HAL representation
  • [RH-110] - remove exception logging if reference field is null or missing
  • [RH-118] - If the request has a 'properties' part which contains a filename key then override the content disposition's filename
  • [RH-119] - use mongo URI in configuration file
  • [RH-124] - add RH version property to root representation and add X-Powered-By header
  • [RH-128] - improve logging with color highlighting and less verbosity on startup
  • [RH-130] - allow to connect to mongodb with user with any roles


  • [RH-111] - Upload file service is not compatible with multipart/form-data standard
  • [RH-115] - some link templates are wrong
  • [RH-117] - Using string methods to decode multibyte-encoded text from a stream can lead to character corruption
  • [RH-126] - starting restheart with --fork option randomly fails
  • [RH-129] - Fixed Internal Server Error if a database is mapped to root URI / via mongo-mounts