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Sitecore Install Extensions (SIX)

A Powershell module with extensions for Sitecore Install Framework. The introduction to Sitecore Install Framework is available on Youtube

Module Downloads Version
Sitecore Install Extensions PowerShell Gallery powershellgallery
Sitecore Install Azure PowerShell Gallery powershellgallery

How to start?

To start work with Sitecore Install Extensions you have to run this snippet with Administrator rights.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force;
iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

The script above download install or update the following modules: Sitecore Install Framework, Sitecore Fundamentals, Sitecore Install Extensions, Sitecore Install Azure

You can install modues manually or just run script install-modules.ps1.


Very Short Introduction to SIX module on Youtube

Remember to configure installation process regarding to your requirements.


The bigest how to collection about Sitecore Installation Framework and Sitecore Install Extensions is wiki

Tasks & Config Functions

Tasks are actions that are conducted in sequence when the Install-SitecoreConfiguration cmdlet is called. A task is implemented as a PowerShell cmdlet. Each task is identified by a unique name and must contain a Type property.

Config functions allow elements of the configuration to be dynamic, letting you calculate values, invoke functions, and pass these values to tasks so that a configuration can be flexible.

List of tasks and config functions implemented by Sitecore Install Extensions


Remember to configure installation process regarding to your requirements and needs.

SIX module comes with examples how to use tasks, and config functions are part of SIX. The script install-all-example.ps1 contains the four steps:

  • Download all required files from Azure Storage (of course you have to build your storage)
  • Install Sitecore 8 prerequisites like MongoDB, Solr, RoboMongo
  • Install Sitecore 8 update 6
  • Install Sitecore modules Sitecore Powershell Extension, Sitecore Experience Accelerator, Web Forms For Marketers

Remember to configure installation process regarding your requirements and needs.

Time to time, we want to uninstall Sitecore and here uninstall-sitecore.ps1 the script will come with help.


  • Merge with other Sitecore community Powershell scripts to provide valuable module in one place
  • Add documentation and examples to every function
  • Connect solution to Pester
  • Connect solution to PSScriptAnalyzer


Thanks to SoftServe sponsorship initial version of Sitecore Install Extensions modul will be open for public access for Sitecore Community attendees. Softserve is a global leader in IT services and has offices around the world delivering tailored tech solutions for various branches and business sectors.


A few handy short links are configured: redirect to redirect to redirects to redirects to