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Sitecore Install Extensions (SIX) is a set of extensions modules for Sitecore Install Framework and works in the same way.

Explore Sitecore Installation Framework

The simplest way to find a proper SIF task is to use full-text search

Install SIX and SIF.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force;
iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

The full content of install-modules.ps1 script

Collect all required files for Sitecore 9 in one place

Before Sitecore installation, we need to collect all files required for the installation process. You can download each time all data from the Sitecore download page or create storage where all the necessary files will be collected. With SIX we decide to build central storage where we collect all files necessary for the Sitecore installation. We build our central storage base on Azure Storage, you can read more here. All SIX scripts base on the assumption that all files required for installation are downloaded from Azure Storage. You can, of course, provide your storage, and create own configuration to download files.

Prerequisites Sitecore files
DacFramework(x64).msi Sitecore 9.0.1 rev. 171219 (OnPrem)
jre-8u171-windows-x64.exe Sitecore 9.0.1 rev. 171219 (OnPrem)
license.xml sitecore-solr.json
NDP462-KB3151800-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe sitecore-XP0.json
packageinstaller.asmx xconnect-createcert.json
rewrite_amd64_en-US.msi xconnect-solr.json xconnect-xp0.json

Download Sitecore 9 installation script

Just copy&paste&execute the following script to download installation script.

$installScriptUrl = ""
$commerceScriptUrl = ""

# modify local folder if you want
$installRoot = "C:\SC9-install"

md $installRoot -Force
cd $installRoot

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $installScriptUrl -OutFile "$installRoot\" 

# Uncomment this it you want also install Sitecore Commerce 9
#Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $commerceScriptUrl -OutFile "$installRoot\" 

# opens ps1 files in Powershell ISE
$filenames = (ls *.ps1 | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name)
psedit -filenames $filenames

explorer $installRoot

Configure parameters

If you don't use Azure Storage, skip Azure configuration and remove Download Artifacts from the script

If you install Sitecore on the workstation (not server) add in $serverParams array $Workstation = $true

Use single quote for a password variable ''; here is why..

Storage parameters:

Parameter Example Description
localStorage $PSScriptRoot\Storage local folder with all files required for installation

Azure Storage parameters:

Parameter Example Description
SubscriptionName Name of your Azure subscription
ResourceGroupName Name of Resource Group in Azure where storage is created
StorageName Azure Storage Name

IIS parameters:

Parameter Example Description
prefix sc9u1 Prefix used for database name, website name and xconnect
sitecoreSiteName $prefix.local Sitecore website name
XConnectCollectionService $prefix.xconnect xConnect website name

SOLR parameters:

Parameter Example Description
SolrHost solr.local Host name for Solr instance
SolrUrl https://$SolrHost:8983/solr A url to the Sorl host
SolrRoot C:\solr\solr-6.6.2 Path to folder where Solr will be installed
SolrService PSSolrService Name for a Windows service

MSSQL Server parameters:

Parameter Example Description
SqlServer $env:computername or SQLServerName\SQLInstanceName" SQL server name