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Telegram bot for Softcatalà
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Robot de Softcatalà

  • SoftcatalaBot is a Telegram inline bot based on @createeventbot.
  • This bot is private, only users with permissions can create content 🔐
  • Idea: Organization administrators create content with this Telegram bot, and share it in a Telegram channel.
  • Softcatalà is a non-profit organization: Softcatalà


El robot està pensat perquè només alguns administradors de Softcatalà puguin crear contingut, aquest és el motiu pel qual hi ha una part del robot que és privada.

El robot publica al canal de Softcatalà.

General usage

Usage: @SoftcatalaBot [content name]


  • First, you need Python 3 (pre-installed on Ubuntu) and package manager:
$sudo apt-get install python3-pip

Copy source files to your local machine or server.

Then, you need to install requirements. Go to the directory where requirements.txt are, and run:

$sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Add your Telegram token

Add your allowed users id.
You can know it with some bots like @MyIDbot.

And finally launch the bot with (in the directory where are):



  • lakonfrariadelavila at gmail dot com
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