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Scraping Wikipedia for fair use sentences
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Common Voice Wiki Sentence Extractor


  • Rust Nightly (follow the instructions and customize the install to select nightly channel)

We need to download the wikiextractor and this script

git clone
git clone


  1. Download the latest wikipedia dataset backup dump from Wikimedia, select the one with pages-articles-multistream in its name.

Example (you can change "en" to your locale code)

bzip2 -d enwiki-latest-pages-articles-multistream.xml.bz2
  1. Use WikiExtractor to extract a dump (this might take a couple of hours)
cd wikiextractor
python --json ../enwiki-latest-pages-articles-multistream.xml
  1. Scrap the sentences into a new file from the WikiExtractor output dir (this might take more than 6h to finish)
cd ../common-voice-wiki-scraper
cargo run -- extract -l english -d ../wikiextractor/text/ >> wiki.en.txt

Using language rules

We can only extract at most 3 sentences per article.

The following rules can be configured per language. Add a <language>.toml file in the rules directory to enable a new locale.

Name Description Values Default
min_trimmed_length Minimum length of string after trimming integer 3
min_characters Minimum of character occurances integer 0
may_end_with_colon If a sentence can end with a : or not boolean false
quote_start_with_letter If a quote needs to start with a letter boolean true
disallowed_symbols Array of disallowed symbols or letters String Array all symbols allowed
disallowed_words Array of disallowed words String Array all words allowed
broken_whitespace Array of broken whitespaces. This could for example disallow two spaces following eachother String Array all types of whitespaces allowed
min_word_count Minimum number of words in a sentence integer 1
max_word_count Maximum number of words in a sentence integer 14
abbreviation_patterns Rust regex to match against Rust Regex Array all abbreviations allowed
needs_punctuation_end If a sentence needs to end with a punctuation boolean false
needs_letter_start If a sentence needs to start with a letter boolean true
needs_uppercase_start If a sentence needs to start with an uppercase boolean false

Using disallowed words (blacklisting)

In order to increase the quality of the final output, you might want to consider filtering out some words that are complex, too long or non-native.

You can do this by adding these words to the language rules file for your language under the disallowed_words setting.

If your list of too long, you can also place a <language>.txt file in the rules/disallowed_words directory to enable a new locale. Each word should be in a new line.

Create a blacklist based on less common words

You can create a solid blacklist by generating a list of the less common words from your wikipedia.

To do so, first you should create a full export with all wikipedia sentences. (Note that all processes below will take a while to execute)

After running step 1 and 2 from the Usage section above, run:

cd ../common-voice-wiki-scraper
cargo run -- extract -d ../wikiextractor/text/ --no_check >> wiki.en.all.txt

Then you can use the cvtools scripts to generate a list of the word frequency

cd  ..
git clone
cd cvtools
python3 ./ -i ../common-voice-wiki-scraper/wiki.en.all.txt >> word_usage.en.txt

You will have to read the word_usage.en.txt file to decide where you should put the limit. Usually words with less than 80-60 repetitions are in general bad.

grep -i "80" ./word_usage.en.txt

Once you know the frequency limit, you can generate your blacklist by running

python3 ./ -i ../common-voice-wiki-scraper/wiki.en.all.txt --max-frequency 80 --show-words-only >> ../common-voice-wiki-scraper/src/rules/disallowed_words/english.txt

This list will be automatically used if present when you run the scrapping on step 2 from the Usage section.

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