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This repository contains Neural Machine Translation proof of concepts done at Softcatalà

Test have been done with

Runing the models


We have created two models:


Examples of how new files (not previous part of the training corpus) how they look like with different models:

Translating a new PO file

Code is at ApplyToPoFile subdirectory

  • Install TensorFlow serving
  • Run (server)
  • Run python3 ApplyToPoFile PO_file

By default all strings are marked as fuzzy

Building the models

Building a OpenNMT corpus from PO files

This produce 6 files:

  • src-test.txt - Source file used to test the model
  • tgt-test.txt - Target file used to test the model
  • src-train.txt - Source file used to train the model
  • tgt-train.txt - Target file used to train the model
  • src-val.txt - Source file used to validate the model
  • tgt-val.txt - Target file used to validate the model

These files should be copied

Build model

onmt-main train_and_eval --model_type NMTSmall --config config/opennmt-defaults.yml config/data/toy-ende.yml


Email address: Jordi Mas: