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dataFEED edgeConnector Product Family


The dataFEED edgeConnector product family is a set of of modules allowing to connect to controllers of different vendors. The various dataFEED edgeConnector modules are packaged as Docker images. Each module consists of a webserver for configuration, a protocol driver to connect to a PLC and an OPC UA Server for data access.

Connector types

For the different controller types, the following specialized connector types are available:

  1. dataFEED edgeConnector Siemens for Siemens S7-1200/1500 PLCs
  2. dataFEED edgeConnector 840D for SINUMERIK 840D PL/SL controllers
  3. dataFEED edgeConnector Modbus for Modbus TCP


The common configuration of the dataFEED edgeConnector product family is described in the Configuration section.


dataFEED edgeConnector supported cloud based edge environments:


The dataFEED edgeConnector modules' scope of delivery includes a time-limited and functionaly unlimited demo mode. The demo mode is started immediately once the module has been started without a valid license. It will expire after 72 hours and the dataFEED edgeConnector module stops working.
To remove the time limitation of the demo mode the dataFEED edgeConnector module must be licensed. The dataFEED edgeConnector modules use a floating license mechanism. A working floating license server is required to have the dataFEED edgeConnector module successfully licensed.

Please see the License README page for further details.

Softing License

The license activation for Softing's dataFEED edgeConnector product family is described at the README page of the Softing License Server.

License Server Connection Configuration

Please see the License Server Connection Configuration section of the License README page for further details.

Open Source Licenses

For the license information of the open source components used by the dataFEED edgeConnector product family, please see the Open Source page.


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