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Embedded JSON database library Python 2.7/3.x binding


Required tools/system libraries:

Python binding published:

(A) Installing using pip

pip for python3 or python2 should be installed (sudo apt-get install python3-pip | sudo apt-get install python-pip)

umask 022

   sudo pip install pyejdb

   sudo pip install pyejdb --upgrade

(B) Installing directly from sources

umask 022

git clone
cd ./ejdb-python
sudo python3 ./ install

(C) Installing on Ubuntu/Debian (only for Python3.x)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:adamansky/ejdb
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3-ejdb

One snippet intro

import pyejdb
from datetime import datetime

#Open database
ejdb = pyejdb.EJDB("zoo", pyejdb.DEFAULT_OPEN_MODE | pyejdb.JBOTRUNC)

parrot1 = {
    "name": "Grenny",
    "type": "African Grey",
    "male": True,
    "age": 1,
    "birthdate": datetime.utcnow(),
    "likes": ["green color", "night", "toys"],
    "extra1": None
parrot2 = {
    "name": "Bounty",
    "type": "Cockatoo",
    "male": False,
    "age": 15,
    "birthdate": datetime.utcnow(),
    "likes": ["sugar cane"],
    "extra1": None
}"parrots2", parrot1, parrot2)

with ejdb.find("parrots2", {"likes" : "toys"},
          hints={"$orderby" : [("name", 1)]}) as cur:
    print("found %s parrots" % len(cur))
    for p in cur:
        print("%s likes toys!" % p["name"])

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