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EJDB2 Java JNI binding

Embeddable JSON Database engine Java binding.


For API usage examples take a look into and classes.

Minimal example

public static void main(String[] args) {
  try (EJDB2 db = new EJDB2Builder("example.db").truncate().open()) {
    long id = db.put("parrots", "{\"name\":\"Bianca\", \"age\": 4}");
    System.out.println("Bianca record: " + id);

    id = db.put("parrots", "{\"name\":\"Darko\", \"age\": 8}");
    System.out.println("Darko record: " + id);

    db.createQuery("@parrots/[age > :age]").setLong("age", 3).execute((docId, doc) -> {
      System.out.println(String.format("Found %d %s", docId, doc));
      return 1;

Supported platforms

  • Linux x64
  • MacOS

Install from Ubuntu PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:adamansky/ejdb2
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ejdb2-java

Note: Yoy may need to specify LD_LIBRARY_PATH env for java in order to help JVM find where the library is located. For Linux systems ejdb2-java PPA debian package installs shared library symlink to /usr/java/packages/lib folder listed as default library search path for JVM so you can skip specifying LD_LIBRARY_PATH in that case.

How to build it manually

git clone
cd ./ejdb
mkdir ./build && cd build

Sample EJDB2 java project