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Download the file from dropbox and send an email to respective people by attaching the downloaded file.

This example shows how easy it is, to send an email to respective audience with the downloaded file from dropbox as an attachment.


Have the email address handy to send the attachment Get the files uploaded to dropbox SaaS application


  1. Go ahead and get started creating a blank workflow. If you need a refresher on how to get to this point, this guide can be a great introduction. Your starting point should resemble CreateWorkFlow

  2. Add the dropbox service in the canvas by drag and drop feature. This automatically connects with the start of the stepAddDropBox

  3. Click on the small settings icon on the Dropbox service to add the action "Download File". DropboxAction

  4. Add the Dropbox connection details to create the connection to dropbox. We can use the automatic default feature to connect where the picks up the connection details from browser cookies. You just need to sign into dropbox on the browser and does everything behind the scenedropboxconnection DropboxConnection_Success

  5. Now map the source file to download from dropbox.SourcefileMapping

  6. We have a cool feature which is sending email where you can send the content to respective audience. Search for "send an email" and drag and drop the "Send an Email" service to canvas.AddSendEmail

  7. Map the required fields in the Send an Email service. In the below example we have mapped the to address, subject and attached the file from the dropbox.SendEmailMapping

  8. This completes the workflow and connects to stop step. We can test this from the UI to review the results in action tab. testingui

  9. Check the email to review the results of the workflowTesting

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