Base application using hapijs and mongoose with JWT auth
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What is this app about?

This is a base application for running new projects using HAPI framework and mongoose as the persistent data store.

The app has following features:

  • dockerized environment,
  • automated tests using mocha, chai and sinon,
  • measured test coverage,
  • database configuration,
  • eslint linter configuration,
  • API documentation generator using swagger,
  • documentation generator using jsdoc,
  • authentication routes and auth logic with JWT

Using this repo as a start for new app should save you couple of days of development.

Files to create

.env Application uses infrastructure/.env file to hold all environmental variables. First thing before starting should be to create it. You can use example infrastructure/.env-example file as a base for it.

How to run the application

App is dockerized so you have to have both docker and docker-compose installed in order to run it.

running the app:

cd infrastructure
docker-compose up

After running it you can 'enter' the application container by running:

# within the infrastructure directory
docker-compose exec app bash

Than you can simply run any command you like.

Application runs under port 8080 so after up'ing the docker-compose visit localhost:8080/health to see healthcheck from the api.

Folders structure

Application contains following folders:

  • ./config - all server configuration files.
  • ./infrastructure - files related to docker and docker-compose
  • ./spec - test files
  • ./spec/index.js - test suite configuration
  • ./spec/controllers - tests for controllers
  • ./spec/models - tests for models
  • ./src - source code for the application
  • ./src/controllers - controllers
  • ./src/models - mongoose models with schemas
  • ./src/routes - api routes
  • ./tutorials - standalone tutorial files used by jsdoc

Automated tests with coverage

As mentioned above application uses mocha along with chai.expect syntax. All tests are placed within ./spec subdirectory. Under ./spec/index.js you can find all the configuration for the test suit and under ./mocha.opts options for mocha runner.

To run tests:

# enter the docker app container
docker-compose exec app bash

# within the container
# simply run automated tests
npm test

# or get coverage report
npm run cover


Application uses mongodb as a persistent data store. ORM is mongoose.

MongoDB container is configured under ./infrastructure/docker-compose.yml. All data from the container is linked with /infrastructure/data folder.

Simple configuration file for the database can be found here: ./config/database.js


Project has eslint configuration file under ./eslintrc.js. To run linter against all the files you can use dedicated npm command:

# within the container
npm run lint

Swagger API docs

To turn on swagger api documentation make sure SWAGGER env variable is set to true in ./infrastructure/.env file

After running the app generated documentation is available under http://localhost:8080/documentation. To document new routes take a look hapi-swagger pacakge: or check any existing routes.


Project allows you to generate documentation based on inline comments using JSDoc. In order to generate it run:

npm run docs

within the app container.

It will create and populate ./docs folder with documentation files. Also if you set JSDOC env to true entire documentation will be served by the app and available under http://localhost:8080/code


Wonder how to connect with the API from the frontend app? There is a simple client application written in ReactNative. Take a look at it here:


hapijs-mongoose-app-bootstrap is Copyright © 2018 It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.


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