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Summary 22/10/2016

Summary on Twitter


This are notes that I took during the retrospective of each session.

Session 1

Constrain: Ping-Pong

  • Some problems to understand the problem
  • A few one didn't understand that the goal was to practice and not to end the problem
  • Almost everybody sat down with people that already know

Session 2

Constrain: No naked primitive

  • Where is the limit of no naked primitive?
  • Which part of my game should apply the rules?
  • Should the cell know her neighbors?

Session 3

Constrain: No Mouse + 3 minutes limit discussion

  • Some use Outside-in, we started to discuss about a this topic
  • The "No Mouse" constrain didn't apply well because many people sat down with unknown languages and unknown IDE.

Session 4

Constrain: No conditional statements

  • Use and array with Try-catch and Optional
  • Dictionary
  • Boolean logic
  • Create "The universe and life math rule", an equation where the variable was the alive neighbors and the result was if the new cell will be alive.

Session 5

Constrain: Mute session

  • This constrain didn't like so much
  • Maybe apply this without change pair and erase code
  • Outside-in, a little discussion about pros and cons
  • The feeling: "one of us write a test and the other "correct" it because we are not understanding the other one idea"

Session 6

Constrain: Code Swap

  • This session was easy because everyone has more or less the same approach to the problem
  • This constrain could be an example of what append when all the developers in the team speaks the same business language.


  • More of

    • Constrain that change the approach (Session 4, Session 2)
    • Discussions (we use half hour of lunch to discuss about recurrent topics)
    • Divide people by knowledge or experience and mix the to avoid some pairs get stuck
  • Keep doing

    • Share a sessions with unknown people
    • Get people out of comfort zone
  • Less of

  • Stop doing

    • Constrain on fist session
  • Start doing

    • Don't use the same time for all sessions (45 + 15 min)
    • Use stickers with names
    • Everyone should introduce herself at the start of the day