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Deployment Setup

See INSTALL.md in this directory

Development Setup

Getting Started

Install Meteorite.

To install all the dependencies and run the app:

cd openbas
mrt --settings settings.json

When cloning this for the first time, make sure that you have the upmu-plotter submodule updated. To do this, run the following command from the same directory as this README:

git submodule update --init
git submodule foreach git pull origin master

Problems Being up to date?

  1. from clean openbas install
  2. mrt migrate-app -- this will fail
  3. remove accounts-ui-bootstrap-3 and collectionfs from smart.json, remove trailing comma from line 8
  4. mrt install
  5. mrt migrate-app
  6. remove cfs-*, collectionfs from packages, .meteor/packages
  7. meteor remove cmather:iron-router
  8. meteor add iron:router
  9. meteor add mizzao:jquery-ui
  10. meteor remove mizzao:jqueryui
  11. meteor remove mrt:bootstrap-3
  12. meteor add mizzao:bootstrap-3
  13. sed -e 's/^[a-zA-Z0-9]/meteor remove &/' .meteor/packages | sed 's/\@[0-9\.]*//g' > packages-rm.sh
  14. sed -e 's/ remove / add /' packages-rm.sh > packages-add.sh
  15. bash packages-rm.sh
  16. meteor list
  17. meteor update
  18. bash packages-add.sh
  19. meteor add cfs:standard-packages
  20. meteor add cfs:filesystem
  21. meteor --settings settings.json should work

If on Ubuntu system:

Install Meteor

curl https://install.meteor.com | sh

Put Meteor's node on the path

export PATH=~/.meteor/tools/latest/bin:$PATH

Install NPM, Node's package manager

sudo apt-get install npm

Install meteorite

sudo -H npm install -g meteorite

From within the openbas folder, run the following to install dependencies and run the app

mrt --settings settings.json

Running OpenBAS

  • change subscription key in building.ini for your local archiver

  • change archiver location in settings.json for local archiver

  • change public.site in settings.json to be Metadata/Site for building.ini

  • install pymongo:

    sudo pip install pymongo


    sudo apt-get install python-pymongo

    then run the source:

    twistd -n smap building.ini