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Ignorance 1.4 Beta

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I'd appreciate a coffee if you use this transport.

"Probably the fastest transport out there for Mirror..." - FSE_Vincenzo, 2021 (Mirror Discord)

Ignorance 1.4 is a ENet-powered transport that plugs into the Mirror Networking project. It provides a high-performance implementation of the tried and true native ENet C library which provides reliable UDP communications for your game projects. Variants of ENet are used by Triple-A game companies for their networking. Reliable UDP has a lot of benefits over TCP which was the default in Mirror.

Ignorance was originally intended to replace Unity's LLAPI Transport that ships with Mirror, however since it uses native libraries it was deemed too risky to ship with Mirror itself.

ENet supports a maximum of 4096 peers connected at the same time with up to 255 channels. Channels allow you to split up network communications so you can have channels for data that are mission critical as well as non-essential data. The native library has also been proven to be superior when compared to Unity's own LLAPI library.

Ignorance Standalone


Not using Mirror? Read This First

Ignorance itself was not designed to be used outside of Mirror. If you are using Mirage, then you can still get Ignorance goodness in your project by using the Ignorance port available for that network stack.

If you are using your own network stack or you are trying to plumb Ignorance to another networking solution that already exists, you are much better off using the ENet-CSharp wrapper to talk to ENet directly. You could also try Ignorance Standalone which is mentioned above.

I will not be able to provide support for Ignorance in non-Mirror environments, unless you are using the Ignorance Core in the Standalone configuration mentioned above. Even then, designing your own networking stack is no easy feat and unless you are absolutely sure you want to do that, I advise you not to roll your own networking. Use something battle tested like Mirror instead.

In short: Ignorance is not designed out of the box to work with anything other than Mirror (and by extension, Mirage if you count the port). I have enough to deal with keeping Ignorance up to date and running as smoothly as possible in Mirror environments than have to deal with countless unsupported usage cases. If you use this code in a unsupported usage case, then you are on your own. Sounds harsh, but it is what it is.

Thank you for attending my TED talk, now on with the show.

Ignorance in Action

  • If you own a copy of Population One, congrats. That game uses Ignorance as its primary network transport layer. It also earns its spot into the first major game that is using Ignorance.

  • Ignorance was used in a "Vinesauce is Hope" walking simulation demo which had multiple server instances running with over 300 CCU each. Video clips available here.

What devices are supported?

IMPORTANT: Ignorance does not support building for x86 (32bit) targets. Majority of devices come with 64bit operating systems now.

The native library, ENet, does not support 32bit targets on desktop. To work around this, build your Unity project and target x86_64 in the Unity Build Settings window. There are a lot of other benefits to be using a 64bit runtime as well.

If you cannot build for 64bit, open a support ticket.

Supported platforms, out of the box:

  • 64Bit Desktop Platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux), Android and iOS (ARMv7/ARM64).

  • Android-powered VR devices

  • If ENet native can run on it and it's supported by Unity, you're good with Ignorance.

Other platforms that require some extra work:

  • Consoles, like the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. I do not have development clearance to build the native library for these platforms, so they require additional work to get functioning.

For more info, see the FAQ.


Please note that the repository doesn't include Mirror, instead it only provides you the Ignorance code.

Make sure you have Mirror installed and up to date before installing Ignorance.

  • ENet-CSharp: Slightly modified version included

  • Mirror Networking: use the latest Asset Store release. Git Master also supported but not recommended.


Download the Unity Package from Releases that is the latest one. Simply import the Unity Package and Unity will do the rest. Follow the instructions below.

How to use

I have included two pre-configured sample scenes so you can get started easily. One is Pong, one is a copy paste with some modifications of Mirror's Basic scene. Otherwise add the script called Ignorance to your NetworkManager object, removing any TCP-based or other UDP-based transport (ie. KCP2K). Then set the script to be used in NetworkManagers' "Transport" field.

FAQ (aka Please Read This First)


I found a bug, where do I report it?

Check the current open bug reports and/or report a new one here.

Failing that you can always ping me in the Mirror Discord and I'll reply as soon as I can. Don't excessively ping me or you'll suffer my wrath.

Bugs that do not have enough details will be either closed or put as low priority. Details like your OS, Unity Editor version, any Ignorance errors, etc is essential for a good bug report.

I have other questions, I want answers.

Here's a quick primer.. It might be slightly out of date, but it covers the basics of Ignorance.


  • Donators: Thanks for helping keep the lights on.

  • FSE_Vincenzo: Resident master of the ENet way. They are part of Flying Squirrel Entertainment - go check their games out.

  • JesusLuvsYooh : CCU endurance testing project, ideas, fixes and other awesome stuff

  • Katori: Helped kickstart the threaded version that evolved into short-lived Ignorance 2.x version, which later became Ignorance Threaded.

  • PhantomGamers: Got Mirror + Ignorance working as a BepInEx client-side side-load modification for a game. Holy shit, that's cool.

  • BigBoxVR: Pull requests and found a race condition that threatened stability. Also uses Ignorance in Population One, a VR title.

  • Martin: Pull requests, testing with Dissonance. Great VoIP asset for Unity.

  • vis2k and Paul: Mirror and Mirage developers respectively.

  • c6burns, Petris, shiena, Draknith: Former buddies that helped a lot.

  • nxrighthere: Author of ENet-CSharp in which I forked and made custom improvements to it.

  • The Mirror Discord and the others who I have missed. Thanks a lot, you know who you are.

  • You too can have your name here if you send in a PR. Don't delay, get your PR in today!

To be continued...?