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@SoftwareGuy SoftwareGuy released this Jun 14, 2021

Just like v1.4.0b6 but this time I didn't derp.

Use this one instead of v1.4.0b6. Just fixes compatibility with pre-Mirror 37 installations.

Refer to v1.4.0b6 release for more information.

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@SoftwareGuy SoftwareGuy released this Jun 14, 2021

NOTE: Use v1.4.0b6.1 instead. This one is slightly broken for pre-Mirror 37.x users.

This is a incremental update from v1.4.0b5. It introduces some refinements for Mirror 37.x and up, as well as Mirror 40.x.

There are no major changes in this update. To update, simply import over the top of Ignorance v1.4.0b6. A new install is also possible.

Thank you for using Ignorance to power your game's low-level network packet delivery!

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@SoftwareGuy SoftwareGuy released this May 23, 2021

This is Beta 5 of Ignorance 1.4. It has some updates, some demo scripts have been given some fixes and improvements, and it now optionally can use either the FixedUpdate + Update cycle or the Mirror-controlled Early/Late Client/Server Update Loops.

New Stuff and Improvements

  • Support for Mirror's own Server/Client Update Loop: Defining IGNORANCE_MIRROR_POLLING will disable the high performance FixedUpdate + Update tag-team cycles in favor for Mirror's own network update loop. This may or may not give better performance in all situations. I would advise to keep using the stock Ignorance update loop unless you want to do some extensive performance testing.

By default, Ignorance will use the FixedUpdate + Update tag-team loop. You must define that code define in your project settings to switch over to the Mirror-controlled loop.

  • Removed ProcessClientConnectionEvents. Placed its code inside ProcessClientEvents.

  • Who's talking: Ignorance will now tell you who's spewing what on the Debug.Log calls, so you can see if it's the Ignorance Server instance or Ignorance Client instance.

Fixes and Updates

  • Updates from Ignorance 1.4.0b4 included, which was updates to the ENet bindings and split mobile libraries for easier mobile management.

  • PongChamp 2600 got some TLC and got it working again. Shit was breaking, so I brought out the WD40 and sprayed it a bit and she started working again. Bloody oath. As an added bonus, the demo's even faster! Those old Ataris are jealous.


  • Please report any bugs you get when using the Mirror-controlled Update Loop. You shouldn't get any but since I don't use that update loop myself, if it breaks I'll fix it.

  • There is a empty menu item in the Ignorance menu that I didn't program in before the time of release. Oops. It doesn't do anything but look pretty.

As always, thank you for using Ignorance! Your support over the years of me developing this is greatly appreciated. ❤️

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@SoftwareGuy SoftwareGuy released this May 13, 2021

Yeah, blame my recovering brain for a silly mistake. Oops.

Just import over the top of v1.4.0b3, it will update the ENet C# Bindings Ignorance uses.

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@SoftwareGuy SoftwareGuy released this May 12, 2021

Probably a bunch of TLC fixes and tweaks in this release, but mostly freshly baked ENet native binaries. Important things to note:

  1. iOS Support has now been split into ARMv7 (Classic iDevices), ARM64 (New iDevices) and x64 (iOS Simulator 64Bit). This should make debugging easier than one big chubby FAT library.
  2. Android support for x86 has now returned. Apparently Unity doesn't see that as a deprecated platform anymore, so it was trivial to set it up to Android NDK compile for ARMv7, ARM64 and x86 Android targets (no Android x64 love yet, at least in Unity 2019.4 ☹️).

As always, thanks for choosing Ignorance airlines to fly your packets.

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Ignorance 1.4.0b1 is the second beta version of Ignorance 1.4.0.

This release is an update to the first beta version of 1.4.0. Notable things that have been fixed is that if you were using the Mirror Authentication mechanism, the client would be stuck in limbo. This was due to polling the client connection event queue only when the ENet thread was alive. When the thread was shut down, Mirror wouldn't get the memo. This version fixes it.

Another thing to make note is Ignorance Sample Scenes and Demo are now under "Ignorance" in the root of the Unity Package. If you get any errors with duplicate script names or anything, consider deleting any entries outside the "Ignorance" folder. Or delete all Ignorance related things from your project and re-import the unity package.

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Mar 15, 2021

@SoftwareGuy SoftwareGuy released this Jan 29, 2021

Welcome to the first release of the Ignorance 1.4 series!

Please note that while this is a Alpha 1 release of the transport and may contain bugs, however it has been maturing on the workbench and would be acceptable to use in a game during development stages. Version 1.4 of Ignorance introduces new design decisions where the Core is seperated into 3 components: The glue layer (Ignorance, the transport itself), the Client (Ignorance Client) and the Server (Ignorance Server).

The namespace for Ignorance is no longer Mirror. It is now in it's own called IgnoranceTransport. Make sure you update your scripts respectively.

To install this release, uninstall all Ignorance related files from your project. A backup is strongly recommended before uninstallation. Once cleared of Ignorance, install Ignorance from the UnityPackage provided below. Then, attach the Ignorance component on your NetworkManager, drag it to the Transport field, remove Telepathy/KCP or any other transport and call it a day. You're ready to rock.

Please ensure you report bugs that you find! I cannot stress this enough as it will help me fine-tune and improve Ignorance. Make sure you provide enough details so I can attempt to replicate your report.

As always thanks for using Ignorance. I hope you like it as much as I did pouring time, effort, blood, sweat and tears making it.

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@SoftwareGuy SoftwareGuy released this Nov 18, 2020

Important note: This version of Ignorance will identify itself as 1.3.10, instead of This is due to 1.3.9 getting some revisions before 1.3.10 actually materialized. Ignorance 1.3.10 might also be the start of Ignorance 1.4, right now Ignorance is under heavy sugery on my workstation so the next version might very well be 1.3.10, or Ignorance 1.4.0, or some other weird mashup version number.

Please uninstall any Ignorance previous version, as this version can cause breakage otherwise. Backup your project too while you're at it!


  • UPM Support for Ignorance available at T-CROC's GitHub Repository, so you can use that if you want - it will bring in the latest Git version of Ignorance that's tagged as latest, however...


  • #73 by paulpach: Fixes issue with Ignorance not passing the length of the packet back to Mirror, causing bigger arrays to be sent back to Mirror instead of just the bytes needed.


  • Ignorance Debugging Menu renamed to Ignorance.
  • Added Repo and Issue Tracker menu options.
  • Saner defaults.


  • Ignorance Classic is dead. It was broken causing Access Violations. Migrate to IgnoranceThreaded and get a free performance boost.

As always, thanks for using Ignorance!

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@SoftwareGuy SoftwareGuy released this Oct 5, 2020

This is a pre-release of Ignorance 1.3.9. It has been released as a "pre-release" as I am very busy at the moment and also dealing with the aftermath of Ignorance 1.3.8, which was a partial lemon due to a mixture of build-bot confusion.

A clean install of Ignorance is highly recommended as this release has changes to the Dependencies including ENet-C# and the native ENet blobs. Backup your project beforehand!

A proper full release with changelog will come later in the near future.

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