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Fork of Libresoft's Guilty parser to use setuptools rather than Makefiles
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Guilty is a tool to extract blame command information from SCM repositories.

It supports multiple SCM repositories and can provide the information in different output formats:

  • text: mainly for testing and debugging
  • database: useful for easy querying and generate reports
  • xml: to be used as input for other programs
  • csv: spreadsheet compatible format

For every line of every file guilty provides the following information:

  • line number
  • revision: the last revision the line was modified
  • author: the last person who modified the line
  • date: the date of the last modification
  • file: the original file where the line was modified. This value will be present only when the line was copied or moved from one file to another


guilty [options...] URI [files]

URI is the only required parameter and can be a checked out directory, or a remote URL pointing to a repository. Guilty will analyze the list of files provided after the URI or it will read files from stdin if '-' is used instead of filenames. File paths should be relative to the given repository URI. When analyzing a single file the URI can point directly to such a file omitting then the file list. If no files are provided and URI points to a directory, all the files contained in the directory (and recursively in its subdirectories) will be analyzed.

Common options:

  • -o, --output: output type (text, db, xml, csv)
  • -r, --revision: the revision to analyze
  • -f, --fast: run faster but moves and copies are not detected
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