An API (and data) for Columbus Parking Meter & Parking Tickets designed for use within Smart-City initiatives.
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Smart City API - Franklin County, Ohio Data

This project provides methods for viewing and accessing parking data. Currently, there are APIs for parking meters and parking tickets across the Columbus metropolitan area. There is also parcel data from the Franklin County Auditor's website.

The data used was provided by the city of Columbus, OH for 2016 (parking tickets and meters) and 2017 (parcels).

If you are only interested in seeing what this project offers, you can view Software Verde-hosted version at:

Getting Started (Local Installation)

1. Create the database schema: smart_city_api.
2. Source sql/init.sql
3. Source sql/smart-city-api.sql
4. Source sql/init-parcels.sql
5. Unzip parcels/ and source parcels/parcels.sql
6. Source sql/parcels_indexes.sql
7. Create a mysql user and grant SELECT privileges on smart_city_api.*
8. cd api
9. Configure your database information in conf/server.conf
10. In api/www/example/index.html replace "YOUR_API_KEY" in the googleapis
    script src to an API key you own.
11. ./scripts/
12. ./scripts/
13. Navigate to http://localhost:8080/