you can find the psychologists nearby and the psychologists can register their information
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Thank you for rading the manual

Install the plugin.Copy the templates of static pages folder to your theme folder(currently activated).Simply create three page and select those three templates.

Look at the Settings Menu of the dashboard and you can find a sub menu named psychologists' settings.Hit the menu and provide the links of 3 pages u created with those templates.

Registration page will allow the psychologists to register into the sites with some mendatory fields.Mandatory fields are validated and javascript alerted properly.Once a psychologist registers, an email will be sent providing a tracing number.Tracing number will be needed to modify existing data.

An email is also sent to admin emails with a link to the psychologists editing page.Admin has to check psychologist/neuropsychologist
at the psy-neupsy(a custom taxonomy like category) menu at the right side of his dahboard.Then simply hit the publish button to publish the psychologist.

Untill admin publishes the psychologist,psychologist is not allowed to modify his information.I mean Tracing number is valid after the admin publishes the psychologist.

Exception: Once a psycholoigst fills the form and it hit the sumbit button,his information will be waiting for admin publication and he will find his information in different fields of the form.Psychologist can edit his information then.After two miniutes the information cannot be retrieved by the psychologist due to security.

Email address is unique.If someone wants to  register the site with a alredy registered email,he will be alerted.

I hope this information will be helpful to you
If there is any query please write to me
or you can find me in skype