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LightGraphs offers both (a) a set of simple, concrete graph implementations -- Graph (for undirected graphs) and DiGraph (for directed graphs), and (b) an API for the development of more sophisticated graph implementations under the AbstractGraph type.

The project goal is to mirror the functionality of robust network and graph analysis libraries such as NetworkX while being simpler to use and more efficient than existing Julian graph libraries such as Graphs.jl. It is an explicit design decision that any data not required for graph manipulation (attributes and other information, for example) is expected to be stored outside of the graph structure itself. Such data lends itself to storage in more traditional and better-optimized mechanisms.

Additional functionality may be found in a number of companion packages, including:


Full documentation is available at GitHub Pages. Documentation for methods is also available via the Julia REPL help system. Additional tutorials can be found at JuliaGraphsTutorials.


Installation is straightforward: enter Pkg mode by hitting ], and then

(v1.0) pkg> add LightGraphs

Supported Versions

  • LightGraphs master is generally designed to work with the latest stable version of Julia (except during Julia version increments as we transition to the new version).
  • Julia 0.3: LightGraphs v0.3.7 is the last version guaranteed to work with Julia 0.3.
  • Julia 0.4: LightGraphs versions in the 0.6 series are designed to work with Julia 0.4.
  • Julia 0.5: LightGraphs versions in the 0.7 series are designed to work with Julia 0.5.
  • Julia 0.6: LightGraphs versions in the 0.8 through 0.12 series are designed to work with Julia 0.6.
  • Julia 0.7 / 1.0: LightGraphs versions in the 1.x series are designed to work with Julia 0.7 and Julia 1.0.
  • Later versions: Some functionality might not work with prerelease / unstable / nightly versions of Julia. If you run into a problem, please file an issue.

Contributing and Reporting Bugs

We welcome contributions and bug reports! Please see for guidance on development and bug reporting.