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A trader for minetest. Server-friendly.
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config.lua added trading support for the npc mob from mobs Jun 20, 2015
depends.txt added support for 3d_armor; if installed, mobs will wield their trade… Aug 10, 2015
mob_pickup.lua took care of undeclared globals Jul 29, 2018
mob_trading_random.lua update trader after sale Aug 10, 2015
spawn_mg_villages_traders.lua added support for mg_villages mob spawning (new version) Jun 10, 2017
trader_animals.lua first commit Mar 9, 2014
trader_clay.lua first commit Mar 9, 2014
trader_moretrees.lua diffrent trader types now select a random texture suitable to them Aug 10, 2015
trader_ores.lua added trader of type default, flowers, ores and seeds Mar 30, 2014
trader_village.lua if a trader has no stock he can sell, try it with a diffrent stock Aug 10, 2015
village_traders.lua extended village traders Jun 10, 2017

This is a trader for minetest. Dependencies: none

Please use the chatcommand /trader to spawn traders.

Textures bauerin.png, kuhhaendler.png and bauer_in_sonntagslkeidung.png where done by Jordach. Texture wheat_farmer_by_addi.png has been done by Addi and is CC-BY-SA. It is based on Jordachs SAM texture.

Texture for the money/money2 (textures/mobf_trader_money.png) has been created by John1.

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