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animated windmill wings and watermill wheel (upcoming); uses signlike drawtype
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This works only with latest git of Minetest (ass of 16.10.13). With older versions, you'll only see a one node large rotor.

Crafting: MATERIAL -nothing- MATERIAL

With MATERIAL beeing

     steel ingot for 4-blade windmill
 homedecor plastic sheet for 3-blade turbine
     white wool for historic windmill sails
     wood for historic windmill without sails (rotates very slowly)
     stick for us-style farm windmill

Clockwise- and counterclockwise rotating rotors can be crafted into each other.

The axis is mostly a decorative node to which you can attach your mill rotors.

Axis: steel_ingot stick steel_ingot

Liscences: for code (written by Sokomine): WTFPL (it's really only a demonstration) for textures (created by VanessaE): WTFPL

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