Slack Webhook bridge with 1-click heroku deploy. Uses sinatra & slack-notifier gem
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Bridge webservices. Connect Webhooks. Format output. Send the result to slack 🎉

It's set up right now to bridge github pull-request and issue notifications and send a notification when a label is added (a feature that slack doesn't support).

This uses the slack-notifier gem and sinatra

github supported actions

  • labeling and unlabeling pull requests and issues
  • Wiki updates


Deploy this to heroku (for free) with Deploy

When you're deploying to heroku there will be a field to put in your slack url (as an environmental variable). Put your slack url in there.

After you've deployed, you can find the find the url of the deployment (henceforth reconciler_url) in the Heroku settings panel.

To add github actions:

  1. Go to the settings page for the github repository you want notifications from
  2. Go the webhooks section
  3. Add a new webhook
  4. Set the url to {{reconciler_url}}/github

You can check the "send me everything", or, if you want to be more selective, pick individual events.

If you're being choosey and want to be notified of label updates on pull requests, make sure you select the pull request check. Ditto for issues. To get wiki updates, select "Gollum"


It would be great to add more services!

Submit a pull request.


run bundle exec guard to get continuous testing.

Slack Reconciler uses ruby-2.2.2